Our Process

1. Inspection

We make sure you know about any issues before proceeding. That's why we start with a detailed, photographed inspection of your aircraft. We look for damage, corrosion, fluid leaks, and anything else that might affect refinishing. We also check door and window seals, plastic and fiberglass parts, sensitive instruments, and more.

2. Preparation

Thorough, careful preparation is key to a long-lasting, beautiful finish on your aircraft. We use an acid-free peroxide-based stripper to remove your aircraft's old paint and follow that with a second check for underlying corrosion. During this stage we'll also apply a chemical etch to the aluminum surface and then treat your aircraft with alodine to ensure proper coating adhesion.

3. Refinishing

A quality finish is more than skin deep. We begin with a corrosion-resistant epoxy primer, layering additional primer if needed for best results. At this point we'll also address any bodywork concerns and prime those areas for the basecoat. Our standard paint is a high-performance four part polyurethane coating customized to each project to ensure we give you get the best results.

We can help build a stripe design you love or bring your custom vision to life. Once you've approved the designs, laid out in tape on your aircraft, we'll add these final, signature details that will set your aircraft apart.

4. Completion

We want you to be more than happy with your refinished aircraft. During reassembly, we'll review every inch of your aircraft, reseal windows, and make final touch-up adjustments. All flight controls will be balanced using an FAA Certified Mechanic.

A quality refinishing job is invaluable. Our process protects the integrity of your aircraft's surface, promotes its unique beauty and character, and projects the care you've invested in it. Our mission at Ace Aircraft is to exceed your expectations. We hope you'll entrust us with this important work.


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